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Software Testing

Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern

Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern: A Deep Dive

What do you get when you flip the test pyramid upside down? The ice cream cone anti-pattern. Read our guide about this pattern in software testing.

The Best Software Testing Newsletters for 2023

The Best Software Testing Newsletters

This article will guide you thru a maze of Software Testing Newsletters. It will help you in choosing which ones to join and read weekly.

CI/CD Interview Questions and Answers

CI/CD Interview Questions and Answers

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fundamentals of CI/CD, explore common interview questions, and discuss best practices and challenges associated with implementing CI/CD production pipeline in your software project.

user journey testing

What is User Journey Testing? Guide for Software Testers

In today's digital landscape, ensuring that your application functions seamlessly from start to finish is a critical aspect of software development. One powerful approach to achieve this is through user journey testing.

chaos testing guide

Chaos Testing: Everything You Need To Know

About a decade ago, Netflix team introduced chaos testing, coinciding with their migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services). This transition aimed to prevent scalability issues and single points of failure, prompting the creation of two key principles: avoiding singular failure points and not being overly confident in their implementation.

Best software testing podcasts

Best Software Testing Podcasts to Follow

If you want to increase your software testing knowledge while driving, commuting or in the gym, we created a list of the best software testing podcasts.