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Maciej Wyrodek

QA Consultant, Trainer, Youtuber, Knowledge Seeker

Test Automation Expert and Test Architect. He is a seasoned tester who can’t stay long in one place. He is looking for perfection and a place to challenge his skills. He gathered experience working for different companies with different working models, From small to big corporations, From Products via In-house development to software house. Thanks to that he has a wide perspective on testing quality and delivering value.

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Agile Testing Quadrants

Testing can be difficult, it is hard to master, there are many questions and many issues we can face with each new feature, each new story.

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Testing in DevOps

DevOps as movement has over 10 years, and it is one of the most dominating approaches for modern software development. But in some companies, testing in DevOps became a critical issue.