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Test Automation

qa automation

QA Automation - Full Guide to QA Test Automation

In this guide, we'll delve into what QA Automation involves and why it has become an indispensable part of building software in today's tech-driven world. By automating the testing process, companies can speed up their development cycles.

smoke testing with bugbug

Website Testing Guide: Smoke Testing with BugBug 

Smoke testing involves conducting a series of basic tests on a software build to verify that the most crucial functions operate as expected. Let's dive into how you can set it up and run smoke tests in BugBug.


Website Testing Guide: Account Creation and Management

Hello and welcome back to our blog series on simplifying website testing with BugBug! This week we are going to test Account Creation and Management on e-commerce platforms.

Ecommerce Optimization

Website Testing Guide: Product Discovery and Display

Let's get real about website testing - it's not just another item on your to-do list. It's your secret weapon to make sure your site is doing exactly what it needs to do. From making sure it works like a charm on all required devices and browsers to keeping things speedy and secure, we've got you covered.

website testing guide

Website Testing Guide - How to Test Homepage and Navigation?

Welcome to the inaugural article of our comprehensive series dedicated to website testing. Every week we will present the best ways you can use BugBug for test automation.

how to test shopify credit card payments

How to Test Shopify Credit Card Payments

Testing orders and payments in a Shopify store is an essential step to ensure that the checkout process works smoothly for your customers. Here's a guide on how to do this: