About us

We are a small but mighty team of top-class developers, who want to make testing better by making it easier. We've all worked on test automation before and realised how complicated it is and we decided to challenge the status quo.

Our values

Simplicity is good. It prevents mistakes and makes our life better. That's why everything we develop is based on real user needs and real-life use cases. We give a lot of attention to the ergonomics and usability of all our features.
We love tools that boost productivity. So we decided to create one, that helps prevent you from tedious regression testing. Our goal is to make our users faster and let them spend more time on creative thinking.
Most of our team have experience in security or compliance (even the CEO). We built BugBug with the best software practices and do security audits yearly, with a top security researcher.
Collaboration is the key to software development. Our vision is to enable teams to create and edit tests both from the UI and in code and collaborate, at the same time.
We want you to simply enjoy testing. Fun testing is better testing. BugBug.io should do all the boring and repetitive tasks for you.
We want to help our clients grow in the test automation area. Our support proactively gives advice on best practices and creates step-by-step guides on how to take your automation to a next level.
Everyone should be able to create software. Not only the smartest. Not only the most educated. That's why we build a tool that's easy to learn and can be used by beginners all-around the world.
We believe it's better to make fewer features but with higher quality. That also applies to our approach to testing: we recommend that you create fewer tests that are easy to maintain and actually bring you business value.

Core team

Paweł Bylina - CEO
Paweł BylinaCEO
Maciej Sawicki - UX Designer
Maciej SawickiUX Designer
Jakub Stawowy - Software Engineer
Jakub StawowySoftware Engineer
Adam Wróbel - DevOps Engineer
Adam WróbelDevOps Engineer
Mariusz Wójcik - Software Engineer
Mariusz WójcikSoftware Engineer

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