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Low-code test automation solution for QA, developers and product managers. Ensure the quality of your web app or website without repetitive manual testing. Create your first end-to-end test easily in less than 5 minutes.

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Automate tests faster than coding

Create stable tests through an intuitive recording interface. No coding is required unless you want to do it. Automate regression tests in minutes.

Reduce testing costs

Run tests in the cloud without additional infrastructure or DevOps costs. No expertise is required to set up scheduled tests.

Get rid of repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive and tedious regression tests. BugBug is made for testing web applications, so it performs faster and smoother than competing cross-platform solutions.

Catch bugs faster

Set a schedule and regularly check that your application is working as expected. Receive notifications when a problem occurs.

Avoid complexity

Keep the testing process simple, without slowing you down. Maintain regression tests via BugBug's intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.

Work in a team

Invite your entire development team to participate in test automation. For free. No additional charges per seat.

User-friendly interface with powerful features

Record & Replay tests with Chrome extension

Just record the test, replay and wait for the result. It's honestly this easy. What's more - you can turn test steps into "Components" shared across multiple tests. Maintain hundreds of tests without worrying that you will have to spend half a day fixing them.

Save your precious time and money

BugBug lets you not only create multiple tests in minutes, but it also doesn't cost much regarding your testing budget. In addition, you can invite your testing buddies for free - as many as you want!

Easy but powerful when you need it

Our super easy UI is packed with powerful features like automatic selectors or JavaScript test steps customization. You can use custom variables to handle complex tasks.

Integrate with your favourite tools
Integrate with anything via BugBug API. Run cloud tests in your CI/CD pipelines such as Github, Travis, Jenkins, Bitbucket or Gitlab. The setup is easy thanks to BugBug's streamlined Command Line Interface and built-in Zapier support.

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"Recording tests in BugBug works surprisingly well. I've tested various competing solutions, but none did as smoothly as BugBug."
Krzysztof Studniarek, Product Owner/Manager
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"In two days we managed to automate test cases that took us weeks to write up and execute using other software. It is easy to use, yet can still perform advanced testing should the tester want to."
Panayiotis, Software Tester, ATM Marketing
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"We always wanted to automate, but didn't have resources. BugBug empowered us to do so. Very simple, quick to use, and looks really cool!"
Kris, CEO, Innential
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