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Best Selenium Practice Websites

Best Selenium Practice Websites

Selenium Practice Websites help testers from beginners to experts refine their automation techniques and improve testing efficiency. Dive into our guide below for more information!


  • To master Selenium, testers often use practice websites to enhance their skills.
  • These demo sites cover various testing scenarios, including basic element interaction, form handling, dynamic content, e-commerce simulations, and multi-browser testing.
  • Some top sites for 2024 are The Internet Heroku App, ToolsQA Automation Practice Form, CandyMapper, Swag Labs, and CrossBrowserTesting.

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Automation Testing Website

In this tutorial, we will explore the best Selenium demo websites, catering to different types of test cases. Selenium has been a game-changer in the world of automated testing. With its ability to automate web browsers and perform various testing tasks, it has become an integral part of modern software testing processes.

Selenium provides a variety of commands that enable you to automate interactions with web elements and browsers. To truly harness the power of Selenium, testers often turn to practice websites to refine their skills and stay updated with the latest trends in testing methodologies.

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Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver is a robust and flexible framework that aids in automating web browsers to test web applications and its funcionality.

It enables testers to simulate user interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and validate application behavior across various browsers and platforms. Selenium supports multiple programming languages, such as Java, Python, Javascript and C#, making it versatile and accessible for testers with different language preferences.

With Selenium, testers can perform functional testing, regression testing, and compatibility testing with ease, reducing manual effort and increasing the efficiency of the testing process.

Selenium Commands

Commands are methods provided by the WebDriver interface, accessible through the driver instance variable. They cover actions such as opening web pages, locating elements by various criteria, interacting with elements (clicking, inputting text), navigating between pages, and evaluating outcomes through assertions. By leveraging these commands, developers can create scripts to replicate user actions, perform testing, and manipulate web content programmatically.

Types of Testing Practice Websites

Selenium demo sites come in various types, each catering to specific testing needs and scenarios. These websites provide a sandbox environment for testers to apply their Selenium skills, experiment with different automation techniques, and gain practical experience.

Some common types of Selenium demo websites include:

1. Basic Element Interaction: These websites focus on teaching the fundamentals of Selenium, including locating web elements, performing actions like clicks and inputs, and understanding the Document Object Model (DOM) structure.

2. Form Handling: Websites under this category provide a range of forms with different input fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Testers can train automating form submissions and validations.

3. Dynamic Content: Dynamic websites have elements that change based on user interactions or time. On these websites helps testers understand how to handle dynamic content using waits and dynamic element locators.

4. E-commerce Simulations: These websites simulate online shopping platforms and offer scenarios like adding products to the cart, applying discounts, and checking out. Testers can perfect end-to-end user flows and validations.

5. Multi-browser and Cross-platform Testing: Some websites allow testers to switch between different browsers and platforms, providing a realistic testing environment for cross-browser compatibility.

List of Best Selenium Practice Websites in 2023

Let's see what are the best websites to practise Selenium automation:

The Internet Heroku App

Type: Basic Element Interaction

Description: The Internet Heroku App is a widely recognized practise website that provides a variety of interactive elements and scenarios. It's an excellent starting point for beginners who are new to automated testing. The site offers features such as basic element interactions, dynamic loading, authentication, and more. Testers can practise automating clicks, form submissions, handling alerts, and dealing with various types of elements. The website's simple design and comprehensive range of scenarios make it an ideal choice for mastering the basics of test automation.


ToolsQA Automation Practice Form

Type: Form Handling

Description: This website provides a form with different input fields, radio buttons, and a dropdown. Testers can practice automating form submissions and verifying validations.



Type: Web UI

Description: One of the most interesting websties to practice Selenium is CandyMapper. This halloween-style demo website is designed to find bugs.


Dynamic Loading by The Internet Heroku App

Type: Dynamic Content

Description: This website demonstrates how to handle dynamically loaded elements using Selenium. It offers scenarios where elements appear after a certain delay.


Swag Labs

Type: Online shop Simulation

Description: For testers interested in simulating online shop scenarios, the Sauce Labs application is an excellent choice. This site mimics an e-commerce portal and provides opportunity to automate product selection, shopping cart management, and the checkout process. Testers can hone their skills in end-to-end user flow automation and complex interactions.



Type: E-commerce

Description: This is another example of a simple online store, perfect for UI testing.



Type: Multi-browser and Cross-platform Testing

Description: CrossBrowserTesting offers a range of real browsers and devices for testing. Testers can check interactive features and perform cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness testing.

Link: CrossBrowserTesting

The Internet Heroku App - File Upload

Type: Advanced Element Interaction

Description: This practice website focuses on handling file uploads using Selenium. Testers can work on automating file selection and verifying successful uploads.



Type: Form Handling, UI Design

Description: Formy provides various forms and UI components for practice, helping testers master form automation and enhance their UI testing skills.


Herokuapp – Floating Menu

Type: UI Interaction and Scrolling

Description: This demo site focuses on testing floating menus and interactions that involve scrolling. Testers can work on automating interactions with floating menus and handling scrolling behavior on web pages. This scenario is particularly useful for testers who want to explore more advanced user interactions beyond basic clicks and inputs.



Selenium remains a cornerstone of automated testing, and practice websites offer an excellent platform for testers to refine their skills and experiment with various testing scenarios. Whether you're a novice looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced tester aiming to enhance your cross-browser and cross-platform skills, the Selenium practice websites listed above provide a diverse range of opportunities.

Remember to determine your specific learning goals. Consider your skill level. If you're a beginner, start with a simple website that focuses on basic interactions. As you gain confidence and expertise, you can move on to more complex sites that offer advanced challenges.

Happy (automated) testing!

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