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Record your tests

Using our Chrome extension you can easily record your interactions within the web browser and save them as a test.

Run in your own browser

Every test you can run in your own browser to verify if it works. No more waitings for cloud executions while debugging.

Create reusable components

Group the steps in your tests into reusable components. A proven design pattern, thanks to which it is easier to create and repair tests, has been built into our tool. As a bonus you can see all tests flows on a single graph.

Run tests in the cloud

When all is ready and set, schedule your tests suite whenever you want. You can also use our CLI to run tests directly from your Continous Integration pipeline.

Collaborate in a team

Invite people from your team and work together.

Power up your workflow with BugBug

Smart locators
When recording tests, the BugBug generates the best possible path for the interacted item. No more manual XPath creation!
Automatic waiting
Create tests that behave like a human. Forget about adding sleep between steps while waiting for the element.
Stop guessing why your tests are failing. Debug directly from your Chrome browser where you have access to DevTools.
Assertion mechanism
Easily add assertions into tests to verify expected values or text presented on the page.
Multiple tab support
Create complex test scenarios between many different domains or browser tabs.
Parallel cloud test runs
Speed up testing with the ability to run multiple tests simultaneously in the cloud. Value your time.
Framework agnostic
BugBug supports all types of web applications without being bound to a specific framework.
Great UI & UX
We care about efficiency that's why we've put a lot of effort into our UI & UX. Work with a pleasure!
  • Kris
    I just did my first test and it looks really cool! Very simple and quick to use, I would love to test it further in my projects.
Power up your workflow with BugBug