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Marcin Łojewski

Software Developer

Software developer currently working as a tech writer and PM.

smoke testing vs regression testing

Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing: Guide for QA

After each code release you have to test if the app still works properly. Check the article to know if you need a smoke test or a regression test or both.

top test automation experts

Test Automation Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

Social media are a great way to be in touch with the best test automation experts. We assembled a list that will make them easy to follow.

Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern

Ice Cream Cone Anti-Pattern: A Deep Dive

What do you get when you flip the test pyramid upside down? The ice cream cone anti-pattern. Read our guide about this pattern in software testing.

The Best Software Testing Newsletters for 2023

The Best Software Testing Newsletters

This article will guide you thru a maze of Software Testing Newsletters. It will help you in choosing which ones to join and read weekly.

Best software testing podcasts

Best Software Testing Podcasts to Follow

If you want to increase your software testing knowledge while driving, commuting or in the gym, we created a list of the best software testing podcasts.

Automation Tester: The Most Important Skills in 2023

Automation Tester: The Most Important Skills

Are you that person who enjoys pointing out everybody else's mistakes? Do you thrive with digging thru countless lines of similar looking text? Do you love when everything works perfectly, but fixing stuff just isn’t your thing? Congrats! We have a perfect career path for you! Why don’t you become an automation tester?