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Marcin Łojewski

Software Developer

Software developer currently working as a tech writer and PM.

Best Software Testing YouTube Channels for QA in 2023

Best Software Testing YouTube Channels for QA in 2023

This article will introduce the best Software Testing YouTube Channels in 2023. These channels have much helpful information, tutorials, and insights to help software testers improve their skills, stay updated on the newest testing tools and techniques, and succeed in their testing careers.

10 Tips on Finding Bugs in Your Website

10 Tips on Finding Bugs in Your Code

Is there anything bugging you? Maybe those nasty little creatures creeping their way thru your beautiful code? Bugs, they call them, see? They are mean, hideous, odious and vile. (yes, we launched the synonym dictionary for that one). They live to damage your code, to make you lose time and effort and money.

5 best regression testing tools

5 Best Regression Testing Tools 

Regression testing is a software testing method that aims to investigate and locate any possible flaws or bugs in software that has completed a development cycle.

test automation best pratices

Test Automation Best Practices. What and How to Automate

Test automation is crucial both for testing and for the development process in general. It will allow you to execute test cases faster and with greater efficiency, which can save you a lot of time.

automation test cases

How to Write Automation Test Cases?

Software developers are lazy, and it is a good thing!! This sentence is commonly used to shock or wake up the audience of many conferences and events. And it is actually true - both parts. If it wasn’t for this laziness, or stating it more professionally - eagerness for optimization, the progress within the IT world would have been much slower.

test plan vs test strategy

Test Plan vs Test Strategy: Goals & Differences

One of the crucial points in high-level testing management is to understand the difference between test plan and test strategy. The test strategy term is often used in different contexts. This might be quite confusing for a test team that is slightly less experienced.