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Best Software Testing Podcasts to Follow

Best software testing podcasts

We have recently created a list of YouTube channels dedicated to the testing industry. Every QA or QA wannabe could check the article and take the best that the world of software testing has to offer.

Which Software Testing Podcast Should You Choose?

What to do if you want to expand your knowledge or become a software tester but you just can't go to YouTube? Maybe you want to get the most of the time that you are driving or commuting or maybe your gym time? This is where a podcast can come to the rescue! Check our list of The Best Podcasts the Software Testing community has to offer.

1. TestGuild Automation Podcast

TestGuild Automation Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Joe Colantonio, a prominent figure in the software testing world. This testing podcast focuses on a wide range of topics related to test automation, software testing, and quality assurance. It features interviews with industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who share insights, experiences, and best practices.

It is a very mature testing show as it started in 2014 and has about 500 episodes (!). It gives you a great perspective on the development of software engineering and testing in particular.

PS - if you are interested in Devops - they have another podcast on this topic as well.

Podcast Link:

2. AB Testing

AB Testing

The hosts - Alan Page and Brent Jensen have a very pragmatic way of talking about testing. Just look at their mission statement, where the first bullet mentions that "Our priority is improving the business." By many it is considered as the best software testing podcast. It's a great example on how to have a modern testing show that is fun, engaging and helpful for your testing career.

Their episodes last usually about 40 minutes and the show covers a wide array of topics as Agile, DevOps, Data Science. You will also find many information on testing tools, unit testing and stress testing.

Podcast Link:

3. Testers’ Island Discs

Testers’ Island Discs

This one is something else. Much more similar to a radio show than a true topic related only podcast. It is branded by the Ministry of Testing, hosted by Neil Studd and has a fun twist into it. Not only does the episode feature testing specialists from their professional perspective, but they really emulate being on an island.

Guests are "bringing" their 5 favorite songs and 1 favorite book that they discuss with Neil. It will not only improve your testing skills but vastly expand your cultural horizons as well. Definitely one of the most unique podcasts for software test engineers.

Podcast Link:

4. Stop Coding Automation Podcast

Stop Coding Automation Podcast

Even though this podcast is strongly product related it is a great place especially for a junior test engineer. Ajamo Adams - the host and author of "Stop Coding, Learn to test automate without coding and get that automation testing job." shows many career paths in software testing. There are also some episodes on software development for those members of QA teams who wish to expand their knowledge in that direction.

This show aims to provide useful tips to make you the most eligible candidate in a job interview. Easily one of the most useful podcasts on software testing for junior engineers.

Podcast Link:

5. The Guilty Tester

The Guilty Tester

That one has the impostor syndrome written all over the place doesn't it? It is one of the most popular testing podcasts not only due to quality, but by strongly stating that providing software quality is no bed of roses. You will find great information on what is and (which is not so common) is not useful nor future oriented for a software developer.

For the whole 5 year life cycle Dave Duke - the host - covered different testing topics, testing practices and had many guests on his show. Definitely worth to be on the list of the top 10 podcasts.

Podcast Link:

6. The Testing Show

The Testing Show

Hosted by Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen, the podcast delves into the intricate world of software testing, exploring a diverse set of topics and insights. Listeners can expect to gain insights into various testing approaches, best practices, and emerging technologies that impact the software testing landscape.

Almost 150 episodes long and filled with information on the impact of test data, performance testing and AI influence on the testing world. You will easily know, that the hosts and guests have vast experience in quality assurance.

Podcast Link:

7. Quality Sense Podcast

Quality Sense Podcast

Frederico Toledo the COO of Abstracta, interviews high quality software and test engineers. Many of them he considers his role models. The goal is to get advice that can help the listeners to become better testers and enable the teams to create higher quality software.

This monthly podcast is cleanly divided into yearly seasons and features a great combination of international experts. It provides insights on today’s most pressing topics and good practices from the creators and collaborators of your favorite software testing tools, methodologies, conferences, etc.

Podcast Link:

8. Testing One-on-One

Testing One-on-One

We had some podcasts that fall into a separate category called "Oh, how we wish it was longer". 33 episodes long, hosted by Rob Lambert & Joel Montvelisky, the podcast focuses on the questions that the hosts receive from engineers.

Each episode lasts about half an hour and covers one problem and a set of related topics. One of the reasons it was unique - Rob and Joel used their experience to show not only the technical aspects of the job, but the management perspective as well.

Podcast Link:

9. Test & Code: Python Testing

Test & Code: Python Testing

Hosted by Brian Okken, a prominent figure in the Python testing realm, the podcast delves into the intricacies of testing Python code. Each episode explores a variety of testing topics, ranging from unit testing, TDD and test automation to tools you need within the Python ecosystem.

The 200+ episodes are a true gem for all python programming engineers. Listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of testing methodologies, techniques, and strategies tailored to the this language.

Podcast Link:

10. The Evil Tester Show

The Evil Tester Show

The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to software testing, test automation, Agile methodologies, and more. Alan Richardson shares his insights, experiences, and practical tips for testers and automation enthusiasts.

The host is not afraid to share some controversial opinions - "Manual QA is dead" says his 17th episode. This testing podcasts consists of episodes between 10 and 30+ minutes. There is a lot important lessons learned there. It covers the technical testing skills but also some soft skills as well.

Podcast Link:

What's The Best Software Testing Podcast For You?

Our list of Top 10 Software Testing Podcasts features content for every team of developers there is. We hope this guide will help you to choose the one you will focus on first.

Podcasting is a business on it own nowadays and provides lots and lots of interesting content. We assume that if you would like to listen to each episode of each mentioned show, you will take 2 years and a bit. Enjoy! 😃

Happy (automated) testing!

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