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datadog alternatives

Best DataDog Competitors and Alternatives

Explore the top Datadog competitors and alternatives to find the best monitoring software for your business. Read reviews and make an informed decision.

regression testing with bugbug

Website Testing Guide: Regression Testing with BugBug

Welcome to another article of Website Testing Guide series. This week we present a guide on how to set up regression testing with BugBug.

codeless testing

Guide to Codeless Testing Tools and Automation

By stripping away the complexities of coding, codeless testing allows teams to focus on what matters most – delivering a product that stands the test of time and user expectations. Let's explore one of the fastest-growing sectors of software testing.

qa automation

QA Automation - Full Guide to QA Test Automation

In this guide, we'll delve into what QA Automation involves and why it has become an indispensable part of building software in today's tech-driven world. By automating the testing process, companies can speed up their development cycles.

browserstack alternatives

Best BrowserStack Alternatives

In this guide, we will delve into the top BrowserStack alternatives, each offering unique advantages and features. From free and paid services like SauceLabs, and online browser sandbox technology, to Lambdatest.

smoke testing with bugbug

Website Testing Guide: Smoke Testing with BugBug 

Smoke testing involves conducting a series of basic tests on a software build to verify that the most crucial functions operate as expected. Let's dive into how you can set it up and run smoke tests in BugBug.