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Marcin Łojewski

Software Developer

Software developer currently working as a tech writer and PM.

test case vs test scenario

Test Case vs Test Scenario: Compare, Contrast and How to 

Recently we have covered the test plan and we did quite a good job doing it. The document itself covers the testing process quite thoroughly. We agreed that the core of the test plan are the test cases and test suites. Now let’s shift our focus a bit more on the test cases and test scenarios and as a bonus we will come back to the test suites for a moment or two. 

test plan template

Automation Test Plan Template

We recently went through the whole theory on the purpose of such document. We hopefully proved to each tester that such a document is more than a list of features to be tested.

bee bug photo

How to Create a Test Plan? Steps and Examples for Software Testing

A software test plan is a document describing the testing process of your web application. Learn how to write a software test plan for software testing in this article.

IT tester

Role of The Tester in The IT Project

One often hears an opinion that role of a software tester in the IT project is undervalued or marginalised. That developers treat him as the person who at all costs wants to criticise the code.