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Dominik Szahidewicz

Software Developer

Application Consultant working as a Tech Writer

Best Practices of Test Maintenance

Best Practices of Test Maintenance in Software Testing

Test maintenance is the process of ensuring that testing remains effective and relevant over time, especially in the context of code changes. Let's dive into best practices for test automation maintenance.

Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing: All You Need To Know

Comprehensive guide to Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing in the Software Development Life Cycle. Let's compare Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing.

What is Performance Testing in Software Testing?

What is Performance Testing in Software Testing?

What is performance test? Let's explore testing process, common challenges, best practices, and the essential tools that every software tester should be aware of.

Top Autify Alternatives in 2023

Top Autify Alternatives

Autify is an ai-powered platform with many features: no-code solutions, web application testing, mobile app testing and many more. In this article we will explore best Autify alternatives for software testing.

best alternatives

Top Alternatives is a popular end-to-end software testing platform that has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface. Explore the best Alternatives: create and maintain automated tests without code.

Cypress Best Practices

Cypress Best Practices: Test Automation Guide

Let's dive into Cypress best practices for e2e testing, best-suited locators, testing tool, small tests with single assertions and many more!