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Bad Software Testing Strategies

It turns out that following the “golden rules” of testing does not always bring about the desirable effects. Disregarding the rules can be equally disastrous as exemplified by companies and institutions that have become household names.

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A Manual Tester: 10 reasons That Make This Job Interesting

The work of a manual tester is interesting not only because it opens the door in the IT industry for many people. Typically, the job is associated with following well-known scenarios and… boredom.

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The Software Testing Market & The Business Outcomes of Its Growth in 2021

Analysts agree that in 2021 and the subsequent years, the software testing services market will flourish. How will that affect the entire IT industry? Which business areas will be most impacted by this growth? Will the effects be always positive?

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5 Challenges of Introducing Automated Tests

When you introduce automated tests in your organisation you have to keep in mind that it is not only a matter of choosing the best tool. Such a move also entails many changes in the organizational scheme of the team.

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7 Trends in Automated Testing in 2021

Automated testing became an indispensable part of the software development business. It is also given specific business objectives to attain.

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10 Features Every Test Automation Tool Should Have

There are many test automation tools available on the market, but there is still a need for the “appropriate” ones. What does it mean?