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Everything you need for the entire test automation workflow

Create tests without coding

Record new tests simply by clicking in your browser to automatically capture every click or text input.

Add assertions directly while recording. Forget about writing selectors by hand - BugBug will do it for you.

test automation tool recorder

Test locally or in the cloud at the fixed price

Enjoy excellent performance when you run tests locally. Run tests in the cloud to regularly monitor your web app.

With BugBug you can grow your project without worrying about increasing costs - enjoy unlimited local test runs for free and unlimited cloud runs for a fixed price.

test run in cloud

Fix tests by re-recording

Now you don't need to record your test from scratch every time you want to change it.

Record new steps right in the middle of your test, just where you need it. Spend less time on manual writing of CSS or XPath Selectors.

steps re-recording
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Juanita Chirino

BugBug saved us 2-3 hours after each deployment.

We were surprised how easy it is to add custom logic to each test. Even though the features provided cover 80% of our use cases, when we needed to execute custom logic around them - it's super easy.

Juanita ChirinoQA tester
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Schedule test automation

Run unlimited number of cloud tests every day and monitor if your app works properly.

Get comprehensive notifications of scheduled test results directly to your inbox or Slack for better collaboration and issue tracking.

test suite schedule

Integrate with your CI/CD pipelines

Use BugBug API and Command Line Interface to run regression tests along with your CI/CD build pipelines, such as Github, Gitlab, Travis, Jenkins, or Bitbucket.

Enjoy native integration with Slack or integrate with Zapier to connect with other apps.


Collaborate with your team

Invite unlimited number of your teammates to work together on test automation without time-consuming training and debates.

You can involve software developers or product owners in testing within minutes.

test automation tool team feature
“BugBug has allowed us to implement automated tests in a number of areas of our product, saving time and effort for the QA team and allowing us to have a base set of tests that can be run at any time.”
Josh BentSoftware Tester
josh bent

Unparalleled simplicity powered by unique features

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Automatic selectors

BugBug intelligently selects the most appropriate CSS or Xpath selector for the element. No more creating XPath by hand!
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Smart waiting

Create tests that behave like a human. Forget about adding sleep between steps while waiting for the element.
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Intelligent click & scroll

BugBug automatically scrolls to the right place and then clicks the element just like a real human would.
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Excellent performance

BugBug is designed from the ground up with web application testing in mind, so it works faster than competitive cross-platform solutions.
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Debugging in Chrome

Stop guessing why your tests are failing. Debug directly from your Chrome browser, where you have access to DevTools.
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Multiple tab support

Create complex test scenarios between many different domains or browser tabs.
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Parallel cloud test runs

Run multiple tests simultaneously in the cloud. Reduce testing time by up to 16x without infrastructure changes.
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Supports all web technologies

It doesn't matter what framework you use - React, Vue, Angular, jQuery, etc. - BugBug can handle it all.

Powerful features for advanced testing

Edit multiple tests at once

You can turn test steps into Components that are shared across multiple tests for better test management.

Maintain hundreds of tests without worrying that you will have to spend half a day fixing them.

BugBug test components

Use variables to handle complex tasks

Work in multiple environments. Create random numbers and other variables.

Test user registration or login with unique email addresses using BugBug inbox feature.


Customise test steps with JavaScript

You have full control over the test steps. You can update selectors, manually add advanced step types or assertions, and even custom JavaScript code.

BugBug JavaScript action screenshot

Industry leaders automate tests with BugBug

Generate PDF reports

Need to show the results to your stakeholders? You can download a PDF report for each suite run in your project.

Test reports

Build tests for mobile resolutions

Record automated tests easily for both desktop and mobile resolutions.

Test resolution

See what our clients are saying

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"Recording tests in BugBug works surprisingly well. I've tested various competing solutions, but none did as smoothly as BugBug."
— Krzysztof Studniarek, Product Owner
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"In two days, we managed to automate test cases that took us weeks to write up and execute using other software. It is easy to use, yet can still perform advanced testing should the tester want to."
— Panagiotis Genagritis, Software QA Engineer Lead, NCR logo
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"BugBug definitely increased our productivity. Indirectly also saved money because of increased product quality, fewer breaking changes, and faster QA feedback for the development team."
— Richard Kiewiet, Technical Lead & Lead Developer

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