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How BugBug helped to reduce the number of costly hotfixes

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In brief:

  • The Letpension Team faced challenges with manual regression tests and late error detection, leading to rushed pre-release fixes.

  • After adopting BugBug, they experienced significant improvements in the testing process.

  • BugBug's easy-to-use interface, integration with CI/CD pipelines, and cloud-based test case execution streamlined their testing process.

  • This led to immediate post-deployment code testing, less manual testing, early bug detection, and overall increased performance and cost savings.

Who is Letpension?

Letpension is a pension and insurance broker that mediates pension and insurance solutions for PFA Pension through a network of financial institutions across Denmark. Their development agile team comprises a scrum master, product owner, developers, business developers, and testers.

Their primary goal was to successfully launch a major project in early 2024, involving significant changes in their business logic.

Faulty and time-consuming manual testing

Before BugBug, Letpension struggled with time-consuming manual regression tests and a tendency to discover errors late in the development cycle, causing unnecessary haste before releases.

An easy-to-use and mantain test automation tool

After exploring various test automation tools and finding them either too maintenance-intensive or complex for non-developers, Letpension chose BugBug for its user-friendly interface and quick setup.

BugBug's standout features for Letpension included the ability to generate screenshots at every test step, easy test report generation, and integration with their existing CI/CD pipelines.

Reduced number of costly hotfixes and time savings

Implementing BugBug has transformed Letpension's testing process.

Test suites run nightly, enabling the team to catch faults by the next morning. This has led to immediate testing post-deployment without manual intervention, a critical factor in their agile development process.

The ease of maintaining and updating test cases in tandem with code changes and new development has been highly beneficial.

BugBug has drastically decreased the time spent on building tests and manual testing. Early bug detection now ensures stable releases, enhancing trust in their product.

Significant cost savings have been realized by identifying bugs before production, and avoiding expensive hotfixes.

In conclusion, BugBug has not only optimized Letpension's testing process but also contributed to their overall performance and financial efficiency.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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Christian Wethje

BugBug is easy to use and has great, and fast support. I chose BugBug because it was so easy to get started. Already after 10 minutes, I had my first test case ready.

Christian WethjeBusiness Developer at Letpension | Test Automation