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How BugBug freed up resources of the whole QA team

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In brief:

  • Zahara Software is an Accounts Payable Automation startup (SaaS).
  • They implemented BugBug to automate thousands of tests that had to be done manually.
  • BugBug saved time and effort for the whole QA team.
  • BugBug allowed Zahara Software to have a set of tests that can be run at any time to cover all basic functionalities of their app.

What is Zahara Software?

Zahara Software is a SaaS company that delivers a user-friendly application focused on simplifying time-consuming and overly complicated financial processes. They help companies pay their bills more easily and control costs through the use of multi-step approval workflows and real-time visibility of all spending.

Thousands of manual tests

Zahara Software delivers a web-based application that has many complex functionalities. Every one of those has to be tested thoroughly by the QA team.

Before implementing BugBug, the team had to test the application manually, covering thousands of test cases.

Manual testing took a lot of time; hence, it was a prime opportunity to implement automation to save testers’ efforts.

Easy-to-implement test automation tool

As a way of saving the QA team’s time and effort, Zahara Software decided to look for a solution that would automate multiple test cases of their application. The goal was for the testers to focus on other important areas of testing.

The team has created several test suites that cover various areas of their product. This has primarily provided them with essential smoke test coverage for all key functionalities.

BugBug allowed them to schedule all the critical tests effortlessly. The team benefited the most from the custom variables and JavaScript variables features of BugBug. These functionalities were incredibly useful for the team allowing expanding the range of the test coverage.

The ease of use, customizable service, and great customer support of BugBug were the main factors that influenced the choice of the solution. Testers could effortlessly implement and maintain automated testing.

The team also appreciated that BugBug was a startup that was more flexible and open to listening to feedback. Especially the one that improves the usability of BugBug’s app in a way that benefits customers.

BugBug streamlined the manual testing process, freeing up QA resources

BugBug allowed Zahara Software to have a set of automated tests that can be run at any time. Testers could focus on other critical areas of testing, saving the whole team a lot of time and effort.

BugBug’s capabilities make every test automation process incredibly easy to implement. The test recorder runs reliable end-to-end tests quickly and effectively.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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josh bent

BugBug has allowed us to implement automated tests in a number of areas of our product, saving time and effort for the QA team and allowing us to have a base set of tests that can be run at any time.

Josh BentSoftware Tester