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How BugBug streamlined QA process for over 170 websites

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In brief:

  • WPM, a team of 16 professionals specialized in WrordPress website development and maintenance. They leveraged BugBug to automate and streamline their website testing processes.
  • BugBug's test automation capabilities significantly reduced manual testing time, ensured quicker bug detection, and improved overall business productivity.
  • This resulted in enhanced reliability of client websites, boosting WPM’s client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Who is WPM?

WPM is a multifaceted company specializing in WordPress website development, maintenance, and support.

They offer a range of services including the creation of custom themes, plugin development, content management, and the development of web and mobile applications.


Testing complex functionalities across multiple websites

Maintaining over 170 websites, WPM faced significant challenges in testing complex functionalities like checkouts and mail subscriptions.

Manual testing was time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delayed issue detection and resolution.

The need for a reliable, automated testing solution became critical to ensure that client websites operated flawlessly and that issues were promptly identified and addressed before WPM’s clients.


Replacing manual testing with ultra-simple test automation

WPM turned to BugBug for its simplicity, ease of setup, and robust automation features. The user-friendly interface and extensive support made it a natural choice for the team.

BugBug helped WPM to implement automatic tests tailored to the needs of each website under their maintenance.

This automation enabled WPM to continuously monitor website functionality and receive immediate notifications if issues arose, ensuring rapid response and resolution.


80% increase in identifying and resolving problems before clients notice

Each website in WPM’s maintenance now benefits from custom automated tests, drastically reducing the need for manual testing.

WPM now saves at least 3 hours of manual work each week by relying on BugBug to perform automated tests.

This automation ensured that the team could be more confident in the stability and functionality of their websites, particularly for critical processes like checkouts.

There has been an 80% increase in identifying and resolving issues before clients notice, ensuring a proactive approach to website maintenance.

BugBug has not only streamlined WPM's testing processes but also significantly boosted their productivity and the reliability of their client services. The team feels more assured about the reliability of their work, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction.

This case study highlights how BugBug can drive operational efficiency and client satisfaction in a dynamic, multi-faceted business environment.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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Jurij Oblak

Before we had to manually check the checkout process of all 170 webstores. Now we rely on BugBug to do its work with automated tests. Thanks to that we’re saving at least 3 hours of manual testing work each week!

Jurij OblakCEO