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How BugBug saves time and effectively prevents deploying a broken app

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In brief:

  • Weglot is a leading website translation software that allows users to translate, display, and manage multilingual websites easily and without code.
  • The company implemented BugBug to conduct a comprehensive testing process on a daily basis without the need for manual testing.
  • BugBug has saved a significant amount of valuable time for the Product Manager.
  • BugBug has also proved invaluable in catching bugs early in the development process preventing from deploying a broken app at least 3 times per month.

What is Weglot?

Weglot is a website translation software that allows its users to instantly launch a multilingual website. It works by detecting, translating, and displaying the content of a website under multilingual SEO-friendly language subdomains or subdirectories, removing the need for multiple websites for multiple markets.

Weglot is powering 70,000+ multilingual websites around the world, with customers including Microsoft, HBO, Steve Madden, Murad, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Volcom.

Unfeasible and time-consuming manual testing

With regular product updates, Weglot was looking for a solution that made product releases bug-free and smooth. Despite dedicating significant time to testing, problems can happen, and with Weglot's feature-rich dashboard, testing everything manually with each release became impractical.

In addition, they made the decision to transition from a bi-monthly release cycle to continuous deployment. However, conducting a comprehensive testing process every day proved to be unfeasible and time-consuming. Therefore, they actively sought a tool that could assist in testing and save valuable time.

An easy-to-implement test automation tool that doesn't require programming

Weglot was looking for an automation tool that was simple to use and easy to implement without coding, enabling anyone to create and modify tests effortlessly. It was crucial for them to have the flexibility of running tests in various environments. Additionally, they needed compatibility with different platforms and a streamlined debugging process.

Above all, Weglot’s primary requirement was a tool that could execute tests overnight, allowing them to receive a comprehensive test report as soon as possible. This way, the Product Manager could promptly identify and address any bugs without delay.

Saved time, enhanced test coverage, and fewer broken app deployments

BugBug saved Weglot’s team a significant amount of time and effort in the testing process. The Product Manager can now focus on other tasks, such as designing new features and gathering user feedback.

Additionally, BugBug has proven to be beneficial for its developers as well. Detecting bugs before deployment to the production environment is now quicker and more efficient, enabling prompt resolutions. By addressing the issues early on, they can prevent potential complications, saving the entire team time and effort.

With BugBug, the team has been able to create tests for a wide range of aspects of the product. This has significantly enhanced the test coverage, ensuring they catch potential issues and bugs across different functionalities and scenarios.

BugBug’s user-friendly UI allowed them to effortlessly create and execute tests without the need for extensive coding knowledge. BugBug saved the team's time and effort while ensuring accurate and efficient bug detection.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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Jeanne Fricaudet, Product Manager Weglot

BugBug has been a game-changer, saving us a significant amount of time and effort in our testing process. We can now quickly create and execute tests without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made testing more efficient.

Jeanne FricaudetProduct Manager
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