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How BugBug Has Helped Startquestion Save 3 Hours After Each App Deployment

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In Brief

  • Startquestion, a team consisting of 6 developers, a designer, and a QA specialist, experienced significant improvements after implementing BugBug for automated testing.

  • Previously burdened with extensive manual testing due to interdependent features and frequent updates, BugBug provided an efficient testing solution.

  • BugBug enabled automated nightly testing in production environments, extensive regression testing in pre-production, and improved pre-production defect detection.

  • The implementation of BugBug resulted in a more repeatable process and faster feedback after deployments.

  • Startquestion saved an average of 3 hours after each deployment, increasing productivity and team morale.

Who is Startquestion

Startquestion is a leading platform for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms to gather feedback and data. The team, divided into two groups, focuses on delivering value to users through features that aid in organizational feedback and meet goals related to system performance, stability, and security.


Startquestion's quality assurance relied heavily on manual testing, a resource-intensive process that was becoming impractical due to the complexity of their application and the frequency of updates. This led to an urgent need for an automated testing solution that could handle their extensive and interrelated functionalities.

After researching alternatives, Startquestion selected BugBug for its simplicity, comprehensive features, and compatibility with the complex mechanisms within their application. BugBug's low entry threshold and advanced features such as custom variables and reusable components significantly reduced test development time and complexity.

Using BugBug, Startquestion automated critical user paths and created nightly test suites for the production environment, providing rapid feedback on application integrity. Regression testing was tailored to the pre-production environment, allowing for targeted testing based on recent changes or additions. This process not only streamlined testing, but also provided faster feedback after deployments.

In summary, the introduction of BugBug into Startquestion's workflow resulted in significant time savings, increased productivity, and a more stable release process, illustrating the profound impact that automated testing solutions can have on quality assurance and development efficiency.

BugBug provided a meaningful business value without complexity and high costs. If you want to learn more how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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We are happy to see new features being added - including the ability to record tests using a payment form from a provider like Stripe. It’s important to us that the tool we’ve decided on is being developed all the time.

Joanna NiewiƄskaQuality Assurance Specialist