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How BugBug increased the app deployment confidence

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In brief:

  • ILO Applications is an agile software development company for cloud and mobile applications.
  • The company implemented BugBug to automate manual testing and detect small bugs that were difficult to catch manually.
  • BugBug reduced the manual testing workload and increased team’s productivity.
  • BugBug saved 2-3 hours of testing after each deployment.

What is ILO Applications?

ILO Applications is a Spanish software development company that delivers cloud and mobile applications for clients around the world. They code, design, implement and lead various software and application development projects of different sizes and scopes. The team that implemented BugBug, works on developing and maintaining the PlusID app.

Inefficient manual testing

Before implementing BugBug, the small QA team had to test apps and websites manually covering many test cases. In addition, they were often unable to detect small bugs because those defects looked like proper code during manual testing.

Besides being inefficient and defective, manual testing took a lot of time and effort.

Replacing manual testing with robust test automation

As a way of saving the QA team’s time and effort, ILO Applications decided to look for a solution that would replace the manual testing process with easy-to-implement test automation. BugBug was perfect since it delivers a simple way to create test cases in which the user can execute the same tasks as during manual testing but faster and more effectively.

The QA team records the most important functions and adds them to a suite. Then that suite is run automatically after each deployment of an app. BugBug sends a Slack message if the test fails and QA checks which of the tests failed and if it is a valid error.

BugBug allowed the QA tester to deploy with more confidence thanks to the automatic trigger that is sent after each deployment.

The ease of adding custom logic to each test and reliable recording are the most appreciated qualities of BugBug. Though BugBug’s features cover 80% of the use cases, it also allows the execution of custom logic around them very easily.

BugBug allowed us to deploy with more confidence

BugBug improved the team's testing time allowing them to deploy more confidently to production They replaced manual work with ease. And what is most important is that they were able to catch bugs earlier in the pipeline.

BugBug has increased the productivity of the whole team.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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Juanita Chirino

BugBug saved us 2-3 hours after each deployment.

We were surprised how easy it is to add custom logic to each test. Even though the features provided cover 80% of our use cases, when we needed to execute custom logic around them - it's super easy.

Juanita ChirinoQA tester
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