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How BugBug has doubled the productivity of a resource constrained R&D team

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In brief:

  • GDi is a leading provider of ultra-efficient Digital Asset Management services and focussed software solutions, helping clients safely and efficiently manage their asset portfolios.
  • The company implemented BugBug to assist with its comprehensive testing process for a large in-house developed application of which only a few testing resources are available.
  • BugBug has doubled the productivity of the Test Department.
  • BugBug has given the company confidence in the successful implementation of application changes.

Who are GDI?

GDi are a technology and service provider to asset heavy industries. They provide their clients with a cost-effective means of safely and efficiently maintaining their assets by utilising the latest technology to streamline traditional workflows and increase uptime. One of the solutions they have created is Vision.

Vision is a web-based platform which has revolutionised the way clients interact with asset data by transforming conventional, flat, data registers into immersive, 360-degree visuals for assets such as equipment, anomalies, remote inspection, repairs and maintenance actions.

Users can effortlessly navigate through 360-degree photographs, point cloud data and 3D model views, with tags pinpointing specific register items with each visual environment. This innovative system enhances operational and engineering functionality while delivering material cost benefits to our clients.

Big test coverage with a small testing team

The GDi team is undergoing upgrades and enhancements to Vision. They wanted to improve the product development processes to concentrate on the features that would add value to the application.

While the Vision platform is large, the Testing Department at GDi is relatively small causing a situation where up to half the R&D team was involved in regression testing. Even with everyone helping, the testing process took 2-3 days to test the app fully.

An easy-to-learn, no-code test automation tool

GDi wanted to find a tool that would be very easy to learn and wouldn't require anyone to learn to code or invest time in learning complicated procedures to get it to work.

As a remote team, they sought a cloud-based testing tool to facilitate collaborative testing across team members as needed. Additionally, they were in need of a solution that could automate test scheduling on remote machines at convenient times.

Thanks to BugBug, the Test Department has been able to spend more time providing value and actually testing than learning how to use the tool.

Increased Productivity of The Test Department

After two release cycles using BugBug, they are already seeing an improvement in the time taken to test Vision, and it is no longer an 'all hands-on deck' activity to get through regression testing at the end of a release. They have noticed a significant decrease of multiple working-days worth of hours in the testing.

Now that they have sufficient automated test coverage, the R&D Department has been able to take on some of the larger tasks they had planned, upgrading technologies and major refactoring of certain areas.

Since adopting BugBug, the Test Department's productivity has nearly doubled. Instead of manual test scripting, the team now efficiently records and runs tests with ease, simply naming components and executing them as required.

The value provided by BugBug versus the competitors is outstanding.

BugBug's extraordinary customer support was also a significant factor when evaluating the solution initially. Any issues were dealt with quickly and started an ongoing conversation between BugBug and the company.

GDi has also discussed possible features that could be added in the future that would help both sides, and BugBug has always been receptive to that.

To learn more about how BugBug can help your business, start a free trial or book a demo.

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Paul Kelly, Softwate Developer

The tools and features provided by BugBug don't require anyone to learn to code or invest time in learning complicated procedures just to get it to work. Our Test Department has been able to spend more time providing value and actually testing than learning how to use the tool.

Paul KellySoftware Developer