Do you introduce automatic tests in the company? Here are the 5 challenges you will face in the beginning

november 26th | 5pm CET

5 Takeaways You’ll Get From Attending The Webinar


Learn how important in the project is testing strategy.


Who do you need to convince to invest in automated tests?


Choose the best tool for your testing strategy.


Who will use this tool and are they sufficiently competent to do so?


The most important: is it profitable for you?


Aleksandra Kornecka

Quality Assurance Engineer & cognitive QA

Works as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer with over 6 years of commercial experience. She is a certified ISTQB software tester and software quality consultant. She appreciates the DevTestSecOps trend, good work processes, requirements and risk analysis, UX, personal data protection and information architecture. Ola is an active person in the testing community, realizing herself as a speaker and mentor.

Paweł Bylina

Co-founder & CTO at

CTO at Technology enthusiast associated with the IT since
school years, and purely professionally for over 13 years. He worked on
various positions and roles in the IT industry during his career,
including a developer and team leader, DevOps, and Product Owner.
However, he is closer to technology and startups than management and
corporations, although he gained experience in both environments.
Entrepreneur’s personality. Currently in the role of Co-founder and CTO
in the startup creating the end-to-end testing tool.