Intuitive and reliable test automation for startups

Automate your web app testing without slowing you down, without hiring new staff, without complexity.

Start testing for free

Stay confident that your web app works as it should

Automate tests without coding

Create stable tests through an intuitive recording interface. No coding is required unless you want to do it. Automate regression tests in minutes.

Monitor key features

Set a schedule and regularly check that your application is working as expected. Receive notifications when a problem occurs.

Work faster

BugBug is made for testing web applications, so it performs faster and smoother than competing cross-platform solutions.

Avoid complexity

Keep the testing process simple, without slowing you down. Maintain regression tests via BugBug's intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.

Control costs

Run tests in the cloud without additional infrastructure or DevOps costs. No expertise is required to set up scheduled tests.

Work in a team

Invite your entire development team to participate in test automation. With BugBug, everyone can easily run tests with a click.

End-to-end testing made simple!

Create tests in minutes

Create automated tests by recording how you click in your browser. BugBug is able to reliably "play" all your actions thanks to a unique record & playback technology that just works.

Run tests on schedule

Monitor your website every hour. Stay confident that everything works as it should. Receive detailed notifications when a test fails.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Integrate with anything via BugBug API. Run cloud tests in your CI/CD pipelines such as Github, Travis, Jenkins, Bitbucket or Gitlab. The setup is easy thanks to BugBug's streamlined Command Line Interface and built-in Zapier support.

  • Martin
    Python developer
    It works great! BugBug saves me hours of monotonous work writing and maintaining tests.
  • Michał
    QA Engineer
    A very interesting software testing tool that allows you to run automated tests without any programming knowledge.
  • Wojciech
    BugBug is super intuitive and lowers the barrier of becoming an end-to-end tester. It reduces development time and significantly lowers the cost of software testing.
  • Kris
    Very simple, quick to use, and looks really cool!
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